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Bourbon Joys Half & Half

Bourbon Joys Half & Half

The Bourbon Joys Half and Half means you don't have to choose between your favorite treats! 

The 10 pack includes 5 Bourbon Balls and 5 Buckeyes

The 16 pack includes 8 Bourbon Balls and  8 Buckeyes

The 32 pack includes 16 Bourbon Balls and 16 Buckeyes

All of Bourbon Joys treats are homemade by Mama Howe herself!  A perfect holiday gift for family, friends, or clients!  

Contains Gluten / Contains Pecans


Bourbon Ball Joys are a Kentucky delicacy made with Bulleit Bourbon. Our pecan halves are steeped overnight in bourbon and nestled in a creamy center, and covered in a rich ghirardelli dark chocolate.


Buckeye Joys are a delightful sweet treat made of creamy peanut butter and covered in a rich milk chocolate.

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